Saturday, December 02, 2006

Places to stay in Marseille: Hotel Maschotte

There were no rooms avaliable at hotel Alizé from tuesday November 28th to thursday November 30th. So we booked a room at Hotel Mascotte Vieux Port. This is the view from our 5th floor room at Hotel Maschotte. We chose this hotel as it was given favourable reviews by previous residents on The Alizé, however, got better reviews and we do agree. Good, but not as good as staying down by the harbour.

It has a three star rating , situated by Rue Canébiere, one of the citys main streets.

The hotel has easy access for guests as there are just a few steps up to the ground floor reception area. The rooms are situed on the 3rd to the 6th floor. The lift was very small, having room for two small people with two suitcases. It did not feel very reliable as it was very slow to start and the doors tended to open and close at the strangest moments. The breakfast room was situated at the 5th floor. Breakfast is not included in the price. We paid around €180 for two nights.

We had room 509, facing the large Stock Exchange. It had french doors and a small balcony. Using this is not for those of you with fear of heights, though. The room was spacious, with grey wallpaper and wall to wall carpets in the same colour. It had a larger bathroom than at Alizé with a bathtub and a niche for the toilet.

I found, however, the room less clean than the room at Alizé. There were dust along the edge of the carpet. It was a bit shabby with stains on the floor. The bathroom had marks from a previous leakage leaving large brown stains on the ceiling over the toilet. The linoleum on the bathroom floor had burn marks from cigarettes and was also seriously stained.

The big pré of this room was the balcony. You could open the doors and enjoy the view of the busy street below. It was more quiet at night and that tempted us to sleep with the windows open. Be adviced not to. We got mosquito bites that still (Saturday) itch seriously.

Would I stay at hotel Mascotte again? No, I do not think so, if I was given the same room. I know, however, that other rooms have been given a facelift, and I would reconsider my decision if the hotel would offer me one of those rooms.

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