Friday, December 08, 2006

News flash: November 30th to December 6th

Don't be a fart - on a plane!

The latest security scare in American aviation took place on an American Airlines flight bound for Texas. The plan took an emergency landing in Nashville, Tenn., as the passengers resported a strange smell on board. The cause of all this was a women that, due to the smell from a fart, had lighted a match to mask the smell of the gas.

Read the rest of the story at WSMV Nashville

How to survive a dinner party.

Do you avoid entertaining due to the stress before and during the party? If you do, George Erdosh, an American upscale caterer let you in one some of his secrets that will make the evening more enjoyable both for the guests and the host of the party. The three steps includes who to invite, how to organize your grocery shopping and how to prepare your meal efficently, and how to choose serving style. So maybe by reading this article you will get the necessary courage to entertain your friends.

Read the story in Christian Science Monitor

German Wings give up low budget flights from Norway

German Wings gives up the its last service from Oslo to Cologne february 2007. When the German low price carrier launched flights to Norway it flew from Oslo to Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. The carrier has had strong competetion on these routes and gives up the Norwegian market due to bad results.

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