Monday, December 18, 2006

Around the world in an hour

As I was browsing the net, I stumbled over an interesting page on the CNN website. I strongly recommend that you spend some time reading the articles under the heading Trips of great taste .

Are you a foodie? How do you tip where? How do designers change the iconic american diner? These are topics on this great page. I was up for the challenge that would determine once and for all whether I am a foodie or not. I was a foodie, at some questions by knowledge, others by deduction. The animal bit in the creme brulée question was the most intriguing. Try it, and see whether you are a foodie?

Another intesting article was how to tip in different parts of the world, on safari, in New York when the bartender buys you a round, and do you leave a tip when you leave the cruise-liner?

In Europe the guests tip moderately, as the waiters usually have a decent salary. In the US, however, the tipping rules are very, very complicated. Basically because hard-working professionals in the restaurant industry are grocely underpaid, relying on the tip from the guests. This reflects, in my opinion, a corporate greed from owners who want as much as possible of the profit for themselves.

And this is spreading to other professionals too. The last time I had a haircut in the US I had to pay for the haircut and then pay a tip to the hairdresser! I had to have my cousin (who is a qualified bartender) explain where to tip and where not to tip and how much to tip. After this article you are a little wiser, but not much.

There are articles on trends, on how the greasy old american icon, the diner, are turning into designer eateries, and how the American staple-dish, the hamburger, is getting a serious gourmet makover in the hands of trendy cooks.

And if you want to eat cheap in Reykjavik, or as expensive as possible in Barcelona, you get some of the information you need. So dive into this page and see this and more, and have a great time!!


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