Sunday, December 10, 2006

Marseille - a walk on the wild side

The Get Bar

The last evening I visited Marseilles only gay bar. The Get bar is situated in rue Beauvau by Vieux Port. It is really strange that a city of more than 2 million inhabitants have one gay bar. The proprietor told me that Lyon, a city of the same size, had 7 bars.

Wednesday November 29th a Chic & Mumm party took place at Get bar, sponsored by Mumm, the Champagne producers. We were handed free champagne, served from large bottles in ice buckets on the bar counter. As it was really early, a relatively small number of guests had gathered, but they obviously knew each other very well. I heard some of the music mixed by Antione de Chery, but I did not get to know who Shana was, whose presence was announced on the bar website

As we were leaving the next day, and I knew what too many glasses of champagne can do to you, I left early and went back to our hotel room.

This little walk on the wild side, concludes my stories from Marseille, this time. And there will be a next time, for sure!

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