Sunday, December 03, 2006


I have placed the name of this restaurant in quotation marks, as I did not take a picture of the sign displaying its real name. Having said that, it is easy to find as it is situated over street from La Daurade, that I will tell you about later.

My sister and I had different feelings for this restaurant. She loved it, I thought it was a tourist trap. It had menus varying in price from € 12 to €18. We got excellent service from our waiter but asking for the menu one or two of them clearly disliked our choice and showed us! This shows a disrespect of us as customers and I have to admit that this made me feel less welcome here, than on other restaurants we visited on our trip.

You could choose one entrée, one main dish and a dessert from the menus. My sister and I did not share our main dishes here, as she found her favourite - entrecôte. I, however made my choices.

Tourist trap or not - this restaurant was very popular, and was packed with people. It had a large menu, and the staff were busy preparing oysters, and large trays of fish and shellfish were prepared for La Bouillabaisse. So maybe I was wrong here. If you visit this restaurant, give me its official name and let me know whether you agree with me or my sister.

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