Sunday, December 31, 2006

Eating in Barcelona - Bilbao Berria

Sometimes it is really a pity that you cannot eat for two. This especially the case if you go to Bilbao Berria, a restaurant close to the cathedral serving pinxtos, tapas from the Basque region. This is a must, if you want to eat good and cheap, but you may have to fight to get a seat. And when you want to get the bill the waiter counts the number of long and short sticks on your plate.

Location: BBBBB
The restaurant is situated at Placa Nova, a ten minute walk from Placa Catalunya in the heart of the old city. If you choose to enjoy your pinxtos outside, you can admire the cathedral and watch the action at the large square. Location is nothing less than superb.

Atmosphere: BBBB+

The restaurant is always packed with people and at times it may be difficult to get access to the pinxtos, as people tend to eat directly at the bar. The interior is very traditional and rustique with tables and benches / chairs made from solid wood, very charming.

Price: BBBBB
€15 for two pints and a more than average number of pinxtos is unbeatable!

The service: BBBB
The restaurant is based on self service so you get what you see. The staff mainly serves drinks and counts the wooden sticks when you want to pay. The overall service at the restaurant is good.

The Food: BBBBB!
The food served is divine!! Pinxtos are small slices of white bread with different toppings, as thin slices of cured ham, red peppers stuffed with tuna salad, fish patés with olive and mayonnaise, slices salmon, and skewers with hot spanish chorizo. The tastes are varied and superb and sometimes very inventive. A few years ago I grabbed a slice with manchego cheese, orange marmalade and chili. Great!

Total score: BBBBB- (4,75 points)
One of the best places to eat in Barcelona.

Address : Plaça Nova, 3, Barcelona
Area : Barrio Gótico
Opening hours : Every day from 9am to midnight.

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