Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Eating at La Daurade - The Bouillabaisse

Marseille is famous for its Bouillabaisse. It was therefore natural for us to choose this as our main course. It was served with small toasts with rouille. The toasts and the rouille are supposed to be added to the soup itself. Our bouillabaisse was served with moules and two types of fish.

In spite of the beautiful saffron colour, I am sad to say that I found the bouillabaisse at La Daurade very uninteresting. It was just salty, lacking the aromas from the herbs or the other ingredients that are supposed to be added to the soup during the preparation. It was not close to the experience Arthur Che had from the restaurant Chez Michel, described in his blog Arthur Hungry. So read his description, and we will certainly visit Chez Michel for the famous fish soup the next time.

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