Saturday, December 02, 2006

Eating at La Coupole - Honey and lavender glaced Duck Breast with grape sauce

I have never in my life tasted such a "Margret de Canard"!! It was glaced with wonderful honey and on top it was garnished with dried lavender flowers. I asked the breast to be bien cuit (well done), as I am sceptical to undercooked poultry. In spite of this, it was tender and beautifully moist. The sauce was made from whole grapes and grapejuice and it harmonized perfectly with the sweet glace. Served with perfectly roasted Friench Fries and a herb-roast tomato, I was lost for words, and I still am!

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Anonymous said...

Reading you restaurant reviews on an evening when I decided to eat lightly was a big mistake. I am a huge fan of duck in all methods of preparation but your review of the honey-glazed duck with lavendar flowers carried me away. The lasagne with smoked ham and goat cheese is such a good idea I am going to make one, using your photo and description as the recipe. Thanks for this great blog. I can't wait to read your entries on Barcelona.
LN in NC