Sunday, December 03, 2006

Eating at "Coquillages" - desserts day 1 and 2

I have no sweet tooth, so the Profiteroles with chocolate was out of the questions. The remaining options, however were tempting.

Both days I ended my meal with cheese, lightly sprinkled with walnut oil and pepper. The small triangles of blue cheese, camembert, and chévre were served a little too chilled for my taste, but I found this to be the perfect end of my meal.

My sister ordered the sorbet of her choice, passion-fruit, pear or lemon. The first day she ordered lemon and got pear, the 2nd day she got the lemon. If I had not chosen the cheese I would have taken the sorbets. As we shared desserts, I got a taste and found them delicious.

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