Sunday, December 03, 2006

Couscous at Un Escale à Marrakech

I have eaten Couscous as a dish in Maroccan resturants a few times and I have loved it. We decided to try the dish served with chicken and merguez-sausages. On earlier occations couscous, vegetables and meats were served on one large tray, but at Un Escale à Marrakech the semolina, the vegetables and stock (picture) and meats and chickpeas, were served separately. The dish was accompanied by small bowl of harissa-sauce.

Couscous is no fancy dish, but made with good honest ingredients. The mild herbs from the stock, vegetables and couscous was perfectly balanced by the heat from the merguez-sausage and the harissa-sauce. When I return to Marseille I will most certainly have a larger meal here.

To the meal we enjoyed a chilled bottle of Maroccan rosé-wine, Boulaouane.

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