Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas in Barcelona - a short guide

I am on a seminar out of town, and as I had some spare time after the lessons I looked for useful informations on the net for those of us who will stay in Barcelona during Christmas.

The tourist guide for Barcelona gives you, in short, some very useful pieces of information as:

- I am very happy to inform you of the fact that we do not have to expect a white christmas in Barcelona.

- For the shopoholics you better do your shopping either on December 24th or from December 27th. Christmas day and Boxing day all shops are closed.

- Most restaurants will be open during the whole vacation, but the price of a meal may be higher. You are also adviced to make a reservation at the restaurant of your choice in order to get a table.

- Most attractions of the city are closed Christmas day, but some of them are open Boxing Day. You are adviced to check the opening hours as they my be shorter than usual.

So if you are doing the same as we, study the information on this site carefully. I have!


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Caribbean Angie said...

Barcelona is one of my favorite spots on Earth - I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do! (PS next time make sure to ride the furnacular - you can't miss it!)