Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas in Barcelona - the city of lights!

As I booked tickets for Christmas in Barcelona, early November, I did not know what to expect. One of the main reasons was that I have never been a tourist during the Christmas season before. Secondly, I had no idea how spaniards celebrated their festive season, and how that would influence the city as a destination. The conclusion is!! Barcelona is a great destination, even during Christmas. No problems getting fed, or being entertained!! And it was truly a city of lights!! Highly recommendable!!

The weather made its contribution! Blue skies, sunny, highs in the high 50s (+14-+15C), lows in the low 40's (+5-+6C). When you were sitting in the sun you could easily enjoy your drinks wearing a thin sweater or even a T-shirt. The weather we experienced was a few degrees over the seasonal average.

Shops were closed during Christmas day and Boxing day. For us northerners, celebrating Christmas Eve December 24th, it was strange to find that most of the shops were open this day, even as the day this year was a sunday. Most shops were opened for business December 28th.

A great number of restaurants were opened Christmas Day and Boxing Day. A piece of advice, though. In order to get a table of your choice, go to the restaurant of your choice 15-20 minutes before it opens. We found that long lines formed outside many restaurants. But with this in mind, we always got a table. And! We did not have to book before we dined.

Most major attractions are closed on Christmas Day, and some during Boxing Day. We found that Parc Guëll were in business December 26th. The two famous houses by Gaudi in downtown Barcelona, Casa Mila and Casa Batllo, were however open from December 27th.

So, the nearest week I will provide you with information on our hotel, the restaurant and bars we visited, and the lovely sights of historic city of Barcelona.

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