Saturday, December 02, 2006

Brasserie La Coupole - our favourite

We ran into La Coupole by accident. It is situated in Rue Haxo, a few streets up from the Vieux Port. It is only open at lunch, and my sister and I were grateful for that. If it had served dinner, we would not have dined elsewhere, and that would not have been creative.

La Coupole has a great meny of meats, fish, pasta, salads and desserts. In addition to the menu, they serve two or three specials every day, and they are new every day. We chose these dishes, as they were delicious to eat. The Price? €12-15 for each dish. A bargain if you ask me. And we were so delighted that we ordered different dishes and shared them in order to enjoy all the tastes.

I will present the dishes we ate here. And we start with honey and lavender glaced Ducks Breast with grape sauce.

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