Sunday, December 10, 2006

Berlin - Culinary memories from Munchs hus

It wasn’t patrionism than led us to the Norwegian restaurant, Munch’s Hus when we visited Berlin lately. Quite the contrary, we usually try to stay away from anything Norwegian abroad. But this time we were invited, and we entered the restaurant without knowing what to expect.

Surprisingly, the whole experience was very good! The style was clean - in short very Scandinavian. Our friendly waitress turned out to be Swedish, so even I, who cannot speak German could communicate easily with her. What a relief after days twisting my brain trying to find the right words in German.

We ordered three different meals, starting out with a glass of Prosecco for me and a ”moose blood” (vodka with a strange consistency, made of berries) for the guys.

I ordered moose to eat, though (picture), and it tasted fantastic! Perfect meat, moist and tender served with mashed potatoes and a lovely gravy flavoured with juniperberries.

Our companion were served fish, and my boyfriend had to try the totally strange dish duck with dumplings (raspeballer). This combination is unheard of here in Norway, but it tasted great.

And the restaurant served proper water. I am not fond of bottled water abroad. I was very pleased to be served the Norwegian water ”Voss”. The bottles have been designed by Neil Kraft, and was given the award by Norwegian Design Council in 2001 for good design. Kraft has previously designed for Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

All in all, visiting Munchs hus, was a wonderful experience, and thankfully not THAT typically Norwegian. It’s defintely worth a visit.

If you want to visit Munchs hus the adress is:

Bülowstrasse 66
D-10783 Berlin-Schöneberg

This article has been written by Dagfinn and Malin K. You will find link to their websites on Enjoy Food & Travel under the label "Friends"

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