Friday, December 29, 2006

B is for Bargain - new rating system at Enjoy Food & Travel

Enjoy Food & Travel would like to help you in your quest for the best bargain when travelling. To help you to know how to travel, where to stay, what to eat and what to see we now introduce the B-rating. We will rate airlines, hotels and restaurants on a scale from 1B, - "never again", or "stay away" up to 5B's, - "highly recommendable".

Rating airlines

In a increasingly competitive world, airlines perform a difficult balancing act, where you, as a customer, may suffer, through declining service and comfort. Enjoy Food & Travel will use our Bargain-rating to describe the airtravel experience on the following criteria.

Punctuality: Does the plane leave when it is supposed to leave, and if not, does the airline provide you with enough information?

Price: Is the price to the destination competitive and does it reflect the service you are given on board?

Comfort: Personal space. Is your seat and surroundings comfortable for the economy class traveller?

Food: How is the quality of the food served on board? Freshness, quantity and taste. Will will rate this only when meals are included in your ticket price.

Drink: How is the assortment of free drinks on board? Will will rate this only when drinks are included in your ticket price.

The airtravel rating: Being the average of the five (or three) criteria ratings.

Rating hotels

When you book a hotel you get what you pay for, or are you? It should be obvious for you that you should expect a better standard if you book a five star hotel than a hotel with two or three stars. However, there are things you never should accept, what ever rating, hygiene and service being the most important. Enjoy Food & Travel will give you a rating on the two criteria and on other facilities according to the rating awarded to the hotel.

Location: Is the hotel well located, according to the information you are given when booking the hotel. Does the location have a WOW-factor?

Service: Does the staff in the reception, in restaurants, and in other facilities treat you well as a paying customer? How do they respond to your requests?

Hygiene: Is it obvious that the surfaces in hotelrooms, in the reception, breakfast room and corridors are cleaned regularly? Is the hygiene in the bathroom well maintained? What about your bed linen?

Room: How is your quality of the room? Size, interior design, quality of bathroom, and other important factors.

Breakfast: How is the breakfast? Does it give you, as customer, the breakfast of your choice?

Facilities: How is the breakfast room? What about other areas you can use? Does it meet your expectations according to the rating?

Price: Does the price you have paid reflect what you get according to the hotel rating you have paid for?

The hotel rating: Being the average of the six criteria ratings.

Rating restaurants on the destinations:

Some restaurants may leave you as a victim of a total rip-off according to the price paid at the end, the quality of others, however, may be sky high. Here the general rule is, the more you pay, the more you should expect to get for your bucks. At the lower end, however, you may be amazed by the quality!!

Location: Is it easy to get to the restaurant? Does it have any wow-factor?

Atmosphere: Interior design. Is the interior inventive and creative? The presentation of the table? Do you sit comfortably?

Price: How is the general price level? Does it reflect the quality of the food?

The service: Is the staff polite? Do they give adequate information on the menu? Are there an english menu? If yes, is it obvious to you what you order?

The food: Presentation, is the ingredients well prepared? How is the texture and above all how does it taste? What about the wines on the menu?

The restaurant rating: Being the average of the five criteria ratings.

The first destination I will use this rating on will be Barcelona, having returned yesterday after a five day christmas vacation!


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