Friday, November 03, 2006

To shop, or not to shop, that’s the question!

The Swedish edition of the website Pricerunner - has made a survey on where to shop, and where not to shop in Europe. The shopping took place from august to October 2006 and it compares prices on 26 different products in 21 European capital cities This is not shopping for a traditional trolley as the comparison covers a wide range of products as milk, mp3-players, jeans, diapers, and CDs.

It is a shame to say that the city where I live, Oslo, is the most expensive capital city in Europe. It is 68 % more expensive to buy the content of the trolley in Oslo, than in the two average European capital cities. Those are the Euro capital itself, Brussels and the Austrian capital Vienna.

And where would you go for the ultimate retail therapy? Definitely to Eastern Europe. In average it is 37% cheaper to buy the same trolley in Vilnius in Lithuania than in Brussels, and if you go to the Hungarian capital, Budapest, it will cost you 26% less.

So that might be something to consider for you shopoholics when you book your next flight tickets.

See the full results here (Swedish only)

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