Friday, November 10, 2006

Tapas - bite-sized food

Tapas are the ultimate finger food and perfect either to serve for drinks before you serve a larger meal or for a cocktail-party. In Spain you get tapas, some times for free as a complement for drinks in bars or you pay a symbolic price to grab a few. It might be small slices of jamon Serrano (cured ham), spicy meatballs in an even spicier sauce, sausages in sherry, shrimps in garlic, and much more.

When I make tapas I am not very concerned whether I make something traditional or not. The most important is to find tastes that work. I steal a few ideas and I use some traditional recipes. Either way, served with a good bottle of cold cava, it’s a great start to an evening. Here are some recipes to consider.

Prunes in bacon

Prunes, stones removed
Half a slice of bacon

Roll the slice of bacon around the prune. Fasten with wooden toothpick. Roast in oven until brown and crispy

Sausages in sherry

Bites of spicy Spanish sausage
Sweet sherry

Place sausage bites in oven-proof dish. Pour sherry over. Roast in oven until sausages have browned and sherry is reduced. Place toothpicks by the tray for self-service

In Caprese Bites

Large basil leaves
Cherry tomatoes, halved
Small mozzarella balls

Use long sticks as skewers. Take on basil leaf, followed by ½ cherry tomato, mozzarella in the middle, then ½ cherry tomato and basil leaf .

Manchego cheese with spicy orange marmalade

Manchego cheese, in cubes
Orange marmalade

Mix marmalade with chilli the day before in order to infuse. Make it as strong as you want. The day you serve, spread the marmalade on tray, place a toothpick on each cube of manchego. Place on tray.

Have a nice evening!

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Knut said...

looks delicious!:) We'll see if my poor culinary skills will suffice, but I'll have a go!