Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday breakfast

After a night out (returned home at 1 AM after a excellent dinner), it is nice to have a good breakfast. This is the easiest morning snack I know, and it tastes great.

Use a tube of ready made croissant-pastry. Here in Oslo you get Sara Lee-brand. Roll out the sheat and follow the instructions. Place your favourite spicey sauce, some cheese, and sliced meats and roll into a croissant shape. Take what you have in your fridge. Some good cominations are:

Spanish Chorizo

Cooked ham
White cheese (gryuere, swiss cheese, Jarlsberg)

Browned cubes of bacon or even better, parmaham or pancetta
Mild bluecheese

As to the last recipe - do not use Roquefort or Stilton, as these are far to salty. Use a mild bluecheese, as a creamy gorgonzola. If you would like to use stilton or roquefort you could ofcourse skip the bacon or parmaham and have a delicious vegetarian croissant.

Have a nice breakfast!

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