Thursday, November 02, 2006

Historic Hotels in Norway

If you want to spend some nights in a hotel out of the ordinary, you should see what the website Historic Hotels in Norway has to offer. Among its members it has some of the oldest and most prestigious places to stay in the country.

As the wonderful manor hotel of Baardshaug Herregaard in Orkanger close to Trondheim, built as a private residence in 1891 for the Minister and Consul General Christian Thams. Another well known hotel is the Hotel Refsnes Gods at Moss south of Oslo. This impressive building from 1767 by the Oslo Fjord was originally built as the leisure farm for the Scottish-Norwegian family of Chrystie. Today the hotel is widely known for its wonderful kitchen and impressive wine-cellar.

The historic Hotel Union in Øye built in the 1890s in the characteristic swiss-inspired style has had royal guests as Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, King Oscar II of Norway and Sweden, Queen Maud and King Haakon VII of Norway. Both Hotell Union and Hotell Dalen in Telemark were built in the in the 1890s, and are impressive architectural monuments in wood from the time when the first tourists visited the country.

The website displays a great number of hotels on a variety of different locations, and in different styles. So take a look and see how to upgrade to first-class the next time you’re visiting Norway.


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