Thursday, November 16, 2006

Enjoy – Food & Travel News Flash: Nov. 9th to Nov. 16th

One white truffle sold for
€125 000!

As diamonds, you have to pay far more for a large truffle, than a small one. In fact a buyer in Hong Kong paid a little over €78616 pr kilo, for a 1, 59 kilo white truffle at Worldwide Alba White Truffle Auction. The total price for the mushroom (no kidding - it is a mushroom) was 125 000 Euros. The unit price of this large chunk of a truffle was, however, narrowly beaten by the specimen sold last year. It sold for a little more than €79600 pr kilo.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this confirms what I earlier have told you. White truffles, they are seriously luxurious food. And you may actually have a little slice of it, as it will be cooked at the Hong Kong's Ritz-Carlton Hotel and served to diners at a charity dinner. I have, however, not been able to find out the price of the menu. I’ll keep you posted……….

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Indian pudding – a good old American Thanksgiving Classic

The American public will gather around the table to celebrate their Thanksgiving November 23rd. The traditional meal served is the stuffed roasted turkey accompanied by a number of more or less traditional side dishes, cranberry sauce being one of the most traditional.

When it comes to dessert a number of different pies are often served to the guests. At this point they may be as stuffed as the turkey was at the start of the meal. These pies are often made with apple, pumpkin or a traditional mince-meat pie.

The Christian Science Monitor gives in its November 15th edition, an introduction to an old American Thanksgiving Classic – the Indian pudding, which has been made in the US since the mid 18th Century. It provides a sweet (it is made from Molasses) traditional treat that may end the Thanksgiving meal. The article even gives you the recipe – so who knows, it may be time for a revival.

Read the full story in Christian Science Monitor

Lima – the new gourmet hot-spot

Fancy a different dining experience, travel to Lima, Peru! The complex ethnic tapestry of this South American capital has created a fusion cuisine of Far East and native cuisine. This new blend is the latest trend to hit The United States.

Local cooks of Asian and European origins are in the forefront of this new trend. They challenge the Peruvian way to prepare and eat, as well as traditional Asian and European cooking. Japanese food in Lima tastes definitely not the same as it tastes in Tokyo.

So now tourists flock to Peru not only to see Inca sites and breathtaking natural beauty, but to adjust their pallet to new interesting tastes.


A frequent flier rip-off?

ABC News reports to what length some frequent fliers in the US make to retain their elite status in their mileage programs.

David Bolaffi gained a short celebrity status by taking a one day 5000 mile roundtrip from Oakland, CA to Dulles Airport VA, in order to maintain his superior privileges on United Airlines. This while Ann Scharff from Maryland charged $ 15000 on her AA Advantage Card in two months to get a free trip to Australia to join her husband, taking her son with her.

I wonder how much an ordinary roundtrip ticket to Australia would have cost the Maryland mother. There is somebody that get a seriously good deal here, and I doubt that it is the frequent flyer……

Read more on ABC News

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