Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Saturday dinner - Meat Roulade with Roasted Peppers and Taleggio Cheese

This is a recipe that can be varied in a great number of ways. Basically it is a meat roulade, and the filling can consist of different ingredients. I have also filled it with pesto, sundried tomatoes and mozarella.

2 lbs / 1 kilo of ground beaf
5 oz / 150 grs of bacon, in cubes or slices
1 small onion, chopped
3 oz / 100 grs stale bread soaked in some milk
Salt (take care as bacon may be salty - but I used one teaspoon)
crushed garlic (as much as you want - optional)
herbs, I used fresh lovage, rosemary, thyme, chives, parsley and mint
3 eggs, beaten

4 tbsp sweet chili
One glas roasted red peppers
6,5 oz / 200 grs Taleggio cheese

We start with the messy part!

Take the ground beef, bacon, onion, bread, in a bowl and add the eggs. Use fingers and mix ingredients thoroughly. Then add herbs and salt and mix well.

Take half the mix, place on a greased sheat of cling film. Press it to a flat rectangle, not too thin. Place sweet chili on the bottom in a thick stripe in the middle, then peppers and Tallegio on top.

Take the edge of the cling film and roll it carefully towards the middle, and over the filling. Squeeze roulade carefully and close it over the filling. Then lift up and place in a baking tray. For Gods sake - remove all the cling film!

Then take the second batch of meat and repeat procedure.

Take six large tomatoes, make a cross on the top and squeeze to open. Then add a good nob of butter and some herbs. Place in tray with meat roulade.

Roast in the middle of a hot oven (200C) for 1 hour. Serve with salad and roast potatoes.

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