Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Northern New England

How to get to Northern New England

If you travel from Europe, most western european arlines have non-stop connections to Logan international airport in Boston. Having used most of them, I strongly recommend Icelandair if you have a good connection to Reykjavik. Travelling through Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and not at least London means finding your connection far away from where you arrive, being delayed through several security controls. And after this a 6-8 hour plane-ride awaits you.

In that way, Keflavik airport is a great hub to the US. From here you have flights to major cities as Boston, New York, Washington, Minneapolis, Orlando and San Francisco. Fewer travellers and less congestion in security controls and in duty free shops gives you are more relaxed experience. And the best thing - the distance to the US is much shorter, only 5 hours to Boston.

Where to stay

You can get good hotels through the major online hotel-reservation services. But be aware that some of the less expensive hotels may be situated in the remote part of the Boston greater metropolitan area. This is especially important to consider if you do not rent a car and rely on public transportation.

Outside the Boston Metropolitan Area you can depend on reservation services to make reservations in thew different New England states (i.e. New Hampshire, Maine
and Vermont). I have however no experience with these sites. Kindly give feedback on the use of these and similar sites. As a curiosity - if you want to experience something different why not visit a site on haunted hotels and inns in New England. You may be in for a scare.

Where to eat

Try to avoid the tourist-traps. Queuing for a seat at the Bull & Finch in Boston (Cheers), is in my opinion a waste of time. Instead do pass through the narrow streets in North End, where you can get a wonderful italian meal. Try to seek out the local restaurants in Boston. I've found the most charming jewish diners in Brookline and rustic pubs in Cambridge. There is also much to be experienced in the small towns along the coastline of Northern New England, where you can enjoy fresh seafood and breathtaking sea views. But do some research in advance. If you want to find some hidden treasures in Boston try this site on unknown (and presumably good) restaurants in Boston.

Good luck!!

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