Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More secret Eastman recipes

Do you remember the home cooking bit. Well let me remind you. Corned Beef and Chowd'a. Well you got my cousin Anne Eastman McDonnells chowd'a recipe yesterday. Here you got two other, not so secret recipes. For my Norwegian readers, corned beef is not easy to find here, so you may substitute the beef with something else. But I do not think it gives the same result. The Fish pie, however, you can make - and you can get Ritz crackers everywhere.

Corned Beef

A piece of corned beef. It comes in grey and red. The red is Jewish, the grey is Irish.

Rinse well and put into a slow cooker early in the morning. Add about a cup of water, a decent splash of balsamic vinegar, a handful of bay leaves and half a handful of whole peppercorns. Leave alone on low for about twelve hours.

Take out the corned beef. Throw the juice away....flushing it down the
toilet works fine. After all, a lot of peculiar stuff goes down toilets.

Serve with boiled potatos and carrots. Horseradish mayonnaise is also good with this. Mayo plus a bit of really good horseradish, some sugar, salt and pepper.


Fish pie

For this you need Ritz crackers. Do they have them world-wide?

Crush half a large box of these crackers. Use fingers. It is fun. Or
you could get technical and put them in a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin.

Melt about a pound of butter gently. Add four or five tablespoons
of Worchestershire Sauce, a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar. Add to
crumbs. They should be moist but not awfully greasy.

Mix in pieces of thawed fish, cooked lobster, peeled shrimp. No oily fish. No salt or pepper either as the crackers have their own flavor.

Bake until fish is done and it smells really good.

Serve with salad. This is not a thing for a boiled potato as an accompaniment, but my father was from Tvedestrand and he wanted a boiled potato with everything including pasta!

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