Saturday, October 28, 2006


I know Halloween very well from the US, but celebrating it is a relatively new thing in Scandinavia. Here we have All Saints Day, in memory of our loved ones that have passed away. But Halloween is a tradition with both European and native american roots. I do not hesitate to embrace new traditions like Halloween. This is how traditions works! So tonight it is Halloween - in Oslo!!

Since this is a food blog I'll concentrate on the food, but first I will tell you who are coming.

I am lucky to have many good friends. We do not see each other so often as we used to, as we are all working and living in different parts of the city. Some have families, and some even children. Some are gay and some are straight Some of us live by ourselves. A very interesting crowd with one thing in common - we love a good party. Halloween is my contribution to strengthen what we all have - a history together.

I am doing the only sensible thing when you have 18 guests, I am making a buffet. Food to be prepared and stored in the refridgerator to be served when my guests arrive. Or food to made just before. This is what my guests will eat tonight.

I bought three large chicken (8 lbs), removed all the bones (this is a complicated process I will return to later), made a spinach and cream cheese filling. From the deboned chicken I have made a roulade with the filling, and roasted it on a very low heat for three hours, then increased the heat in order to get a crispy skin. To be cooled down and cut in slices.

I have made a good stock from the bones. I have removed the chicken meat from the bones (in fact there are more than you think), placed it in a container with peas and diced carrots, and poured some aspic over it.

The stock will be used for a pasta dish with mushrooms, cream, sherry and Parmeggiano Reggiano.

I have made my salmon and tuna mousse. I have the recipe on this blog.

I will make a Skagen-røre (named after the small town of Skagen in northern part of Denmark), made with mayonnaise, sour cream, onion, and shrimps.

Then I'll buy some Danish Pate and serve it with sweet roasted onion and mushrooms and with cold oven roasted bacon.

I will bake small german bratwurst-sausages in puff-pastry with mustard.

Then I'll prepare small pizzas with olives, basil and mozzarella cheese. And serve a large bowl of Caesar Salad.

I will make fresh loaves and will also make my special bruschettas with herbs, garlic and anchovy-infused olive oil, baked in the oven with parmeggiano on top.

So I have a busy day ahead. I will take some pictures of the different dishes and give you more detailed recipes later.

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