Monday, September 25, 2006

Staying at the Collonnade Hotel - the ultimate experience?

I was very excited managing to book two nights at the Colonnade hotel at for less than $150 a night. Described as an elegant business class hotel situated in the Back Bay area with a gourmet restaurant and a rooftop pool.
Arriving at the main entrance, we were guided into an elegant reception by a busy porter - impressed by the huge flower arrangement under a large chandelier, soft sofas, stone floors, oriental rugs, deep comfortable sofas...... Finding out that one of the hotels main attractions, the pool, had been closed for the season. Well, I know that we travelled out of season, i.e. after labour day. But still the temperature outside was over 80F and were to stay at that level for the rest of the weekend. SO - what a disappointment for us!
We were guided to our room at the 3rd floor. A good-sized room with two large beds, a desk and two comfortable chairs. There were also one decent sized closet. The bathroom had terracotta coloured stone floors and tiles, and a bathtub with shower. Being situated close to heavy traffic the hotel had invested in isolated windows, and we slept in silence in the middle of the city. We enjoyed the wonderful gym with a large range of training equipment both mornings. I walked 3 miles - before we had even started to go shopping!
So far so good - but! In a strange way we did not feel like living in a luxury hotel. The small details saw to that. A phone out of order. Cracks in the stones by the bathroom sink, wallpaper in the bathroom starting to peel off close to the ceiling. We were two, but there were only one bathrobe in the closet and the supplies of towels were low - for one. These are details, I know, but to stay in the market as a first class hotel, these small details are important.
Still the most faboulous thing about the hotel was the location. Situated behind the Prudential tower, close to the large mall and with the Arlington T-station just outside the door it was dead conveniant for us.
Would I stay there again? Maybe - but I would have expected more - definitely yes!! So we´ll see whether there will be a next time.


Hans said...

Look at the bright side - if the pool wasn't closed, you'd just soak on the roof and never get to see any of the sights!

Colonnade said...

Dear Tor - Thanks for a review of our hotel - you received a great rate no doubt! That being said - we can't wait until you return. The items you mentioned about your room are no longer applicable. We invite you to visit and see for yourself.

We think you'll love the new rooms and new hotel!

There are many dates after Labor Day that are warm enought for a dip in the pool. Unfortunately, city restrictions prevent us from staying open past Labor Day. :(

Thanks for your post. See you in Beantown!