Thursday, September 21, 2006

The historic taverns of Boston

Three historic taverns in downtown Boston claims the title "The oldest tavern in the United States." They are alle situated close to the historic landmarks Faneuil Hall and the Old State house.

The Green Dragon Inn (Established 1773)

The history of the Green Dragon Inn dates back to the 2nd half of the 18th Century. The original building that housed the old tavern used to be in the same area, but this is long gone. The tavern itself was situated in the basement of the old building and the rest of the house was used for functions. The Inn was also a central place during the American Revolution and was also a meeting place for the Freemasons in Boston.

However the current Green Dragon Inn is situated at another location. The Green Dragon inn is a charming and informal meetingplace with traditional pub-food.

The Bell in Hand (Established 1795)

The Bell In Hand claims to be the Oldest Inn in the United States. As the Green Dragon Inn it is not located where it used to be in 1795. It has had at least three earlier locations, first on Congress Street, then in Devonshire Street before its current location on Union Street in a house that dates back to 1844. The first owner of the tavern was "Old Jimmy" Wilson, the last town crier of Boston. It is said to have had the best ale in Boston at the time, and today, they still serve Bell in Hand Ale. It serves a traditional Pub Menu

Ye Old Union Oyster House (Established 1826)

Ye Olde Union Oyster House is different from the former as it is located in the same house as it opened in 1826. They serve traditional seafood dishes as oyster stew or , clams, or shrimp to start. Main courses includes broiled or grilled scrod or salmon, or fried seafood or grilled pork loin. They also serves chowder, steamers or mussels, lobster, corn, potatoes, and dessert is an excellent introduction to local favorites.

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