Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Food blog September 1st to September 4th 2006

1. Long roast chicken with stuffing and oven roast vegetables (Serves 4)

This way to make chicken is one of my favourites. Roasting on a low heat for four hours leave you with a extremely succulent and very tender result. During the roasting time you can safely leave the food and do other things. The stuffing combines the sour-sweet tast of apples with onion salty chorizo and sage.

2 chicken (5-6 lbs / 1,5-2 kgrs)
3 oz / 100 grs salted butter
3 cloves of garlic
A good quantity of fresh herbs (parsley, lemon thyme, tarragon, lovage)

1 1/2 oz / 45 gr butter
1 large / 2 small apples
1 regular sized onion
1 1/2 oz / 50 grs of spanish fuet or chorizo sausage
4-5 leaves of sage
2 oz / 75 gr croutons
3 fluid oz / 1 dl applecider
Salt and pepper

Crush the garlic and cut the herbs finely. Mix with butter. Spread evenly on both chicken.

Slice onion and cut apple and sausage in cubes. Fry them in a hot pan, adding croutons and chopped sage. Then add applecider and stir until mix is dry. Allow to cool, and stuff both chicken. Then place the chicken on a baking tray and place in the middle of an oven on a low heat (120 C / 250F) for 3 1/2 hours. Then turn the heat up to 200 C / 400F for half an hour. Brush with juices at the end of roasting time in order to get a crispy skin. As ovens may vary check chicken regularly at this point.

Add finely chopped vegetables and asparagus mixed with oil, salt and pepper at the end og cooking period. Continue to roast vegetables in the oven as the chicken rests for 10 minutes, giving them 40 minutes roasting time.

2. Fried Mackerel with sour cream sauce (Serves 2)

2 medium sized or four small mackerel (1,5 kg / 3 lb)
60 gr / 2 oz of fine flour
salt and pepper
60 gr / 2 oz of butter

0,5 dl / 2 fluid oz water
2 dl / 7 fluid oz sour cream
pinch of sugar
salt and pepper to taste

Cut the filéts off the fish. Ad salt and pepper to the flour and cover the filets. Fry them in very hot butter until brown and crispy. Turn temperature down. Add water to the pan and stir. Then add sour cream and pepper salt and sugar to taste. Add chives just before serving.

Served with boiled potatoes and sliced cucumber.

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